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Samuel Larsen | more on my LJ
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Haven’t you heard the word of your body?

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@nellielisabeth: ??? therealabraham [x]

@nellielisabeth: ??? therealabraham [x]

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"Yes, Sexuality is very important and it’s important to figure that stuff out and it’s a big thing on Glee but it isn’t all about looks. Don’t worry about being sexy. It does not matter half as much as you think it does… You’re sexy just the way you are even if the world doesn’t tell you that you are."

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Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked: The Glee Project s1 or The Glee Project s2

You just have to follow what you believe and believe that when one door closes, another door opens and it’s only going to lead to great things. I don’t regret it.

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Abraham Lim on Faking It

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Abraham Lim in Faking It

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